Lightsinpairs is a blog dedicated to a mash up of things related to independent music. Expect bizarre noise-rock, garage-rock, loop artists, punk, dark-wave, synth-pop and many other things you will never hear on mainstream radio. I write for The Line of Best Fit and Discorder magazine and will be using this blog to keep track of my posts. I also hope to make mixed-tapes of stuff I like.

The title for the blog comes from one of my favourite synth-pop bands of the 80s. A-Ha’s Hunting High and Low had a huge impact on me, and there is no better song off the album than ‘Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale’, a track that never saw the light of day on the radio but captured my imagination musically when I was a young, impressionable lad. Looking back, it appears that I always had a tendency to favour songs on albums that were never all that popular in the mainstream. With Lightsinpairs, I hope to carry on that spirit. I hope you enjoy the site!

I’ve fixed my dwelling for the night
Lights in pairs come passing by
where I hide
I need some time now on my own
Leave my loneliness alone
To lick my wounds
Night has found me just in time
to help me close my eyes
one more time

Living a boy’s adventure tale
In so many ways
Living a boy’s adventure tale
For so many days
I’m living a boy’s adventure tale
Can’t escape, if I wanted to
Living a boy’s adventure tale
I may be dreaming but I feel awake


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