Parents So Hip They Can’t See Their Pelvis Vol 1 A – K

Ok, so here is the deal. I love independent music and I have fostered this appreciation with my own kids, now 5 and 7 years old.  instead of listening to the garbage that will eventually inundate them on mainstream radio, I try all sorts of independent music in the car and make playlists according to their responses. All of the songs on this mix, the first of many mixed-tapes to come, often elicit requests to repeat, induce sing-a-longs or invoke spontaneous air drums from my toughest critics. My kids either know the words, hum along or love to dance to these tunes.

Titled Parents So Hip They Can’t See Their Pelvis A-K, this mixed-tape is free from sexually suggestive music found in the main stream (which is often degrading to women and not the best example for our young girls), nor does it contain any explicit language. Genres range from indie-pop, folk, dance and even a bit of post-rock. Track list is below including a bit of info about the bands or why the song was chosen. I hope you enjoy! Do send feedback and if you like what you hear, get on yer networks and share!

Parents So Hip They Can’t See Their Pelvis – Vol 1 A – K

Tracklist (Short Version)

Tracklist and Information:

1. Maybe With Me – Apollo Ghosts

  • Apollo Ghosts are from Vancouver and my kids love many of their songs. They are upbeat indie-rock at its best.

2. There’s No One In The World – Apples in Stereo

  • Hailing from the US, their album titled Travellers in Space and Time is enjoyed by my kids from start to finish.

3. Way Back Home – Bag Raiders

  • From down under, The Bag Raiders’ self titled album is full of great dance club anthems that are catchy as heck. This one tops the list.

4. Born With A Broken Heart – David Wax Museum

  • I saw them at the Vancouver Folk Fest…They use a donkey jaw bone as an instrument! Thankfully my kids liked it as well so the disc was bought. Two or three nice upbeat tunes for road trips.

5. Harmonizin remix – Delhi 2 Dublin

  • Delhi 2 Dublin is by far my offsprings’ favourite band. Even before they saw them at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, my kids knew every nuance of every song and constantly request that we play this stuff. This track is remixed, but their earlier efforts does a great job of fusing Bhangra with an Irish fiddle and Dub.

6. Symphony No. 1 – Emily Wells

  • This and Symphony No.2 are popular among the little back seat drivers. This is taken from the album titled Symphonies.

7. Real Thing – Franz Ferdinand (A Pointed Sticks Cover)

  • Taken from a compilation put out by the rogue Vancouver journalist and punk singer Nardwuar, my daughter can’t stop singing the chorus.

8. A Song About California – Hey Ocean

Great local indie-pop at its finest. A very catchy song and their albums are always upbeat. A little piece of useless info for ya, Ashleigh Bell, the lead singer, also does voice overs for the new My Little Pony cartoon series.

9. Alone – J. Riley Hill

My kids love the horn section in the opening track featured on the mixtape. The rest of the album is excellent for the adults as well.

10. Go Do – Jonsi

Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson is the lead singer of Sigur Rós. Though I wouldn’t recommend most of the post-rock epics (solo or band) for the kids based on pure glacial pace of the tracks, ‘Go Do’ off his live album has had great success in the car.

11. All Is Love – Karen O and the Kids

Cheated on this one because the song is taken from the soundtrack of Where the Wild Things Are; somewhat meant for kids. Still, this one is a keeper.

That is the A – K instalment of Parents So Hip They Can’t See Their Pelvis. Good on ya for trying to introduce your kids to quality independent music. Download the mp3, throw it on your personal device, and play it in the car or house anytime you feel you need to get your groove on. Check back for future mixes and feel free to send feedback and share. If you like what you hear, go buy the album from the artist.

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