Concrete Knives – Be Your Own King

Album of the year so far…just sayin!

Full review at the Line of Best Fit.

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Adam Green and Binki Shapiro

There is something to be said about brutal honesty when it comes to lyrics about love. Our two protagonists (or are they antagonists) not only make beautiful music together, but also share in the disappointment of it all. Full review at The Line of Best Fit.

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Apparat – Music for Theatre

Apparat’s Music for theatre is truly a stunning piece of artistry and if you like that post-rock ambient sort of thing, it fits as a double bill. Full review at The Line of Best Fit.

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Merz – No Compas Will Find Home

I really enjoyed this album from Merz. The album has some great catchy hooks, subtle synth work, lovely textures and a range of emotions. Since my review at The Line of Best Fit, ‘Toy’ has warmed its way into my perma playlist.

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Best Albums of 2012

Cover art

A little delayed, but well worth it. Here is the list of albums that I can’t seem to play enough this past year. There is a mix of local and international acts. Download link below.

10. Said The Whale – Little Mountain. This is pure indie pop sweetness with tons of great hooks. Introspection combined with good times permeates the album. It’s an essential from Vancouver’s sweetest band.

9.  Kid Koala – 12 Bit Blues. A turntableism savant, Kid Koala continues to produce some amazing records, this being his finest work to date. The LP comes with all sorts of gimmicky thing like a build your own cardboard turntable or domino set, but it needs none of those. The music is enough to set it apart.

8. Roberta Bondar – Roberta Bondar EP. Saturated psychedelics that are raw and beautiful. A little fuzz is always important on top-ten list.

7. The Evaporators – Busy Doing Nothing. A compilation album with some great bands and a killer cover of the pointed sticks by Franz Ferdinand. The track on the mixtape features Nardwuar and Andrew W.K. at their best. This song is worthy of an air guitar or two.

6. J. Riley Hill – J. Riley Hill. His quivery voice sounds like it may have seen too many holiday spirits. That coupled with Hill’s unique blend of minimal musical arrangements and catchy motifs makes this one a keeper.

5. Apollo Ghosts – Landmark. Best described as playful punk,  the Apollo Ghosts continue in their tradition to produce tracks that easily cement in the subconscious. Lovely stuff.

4. Beach House – Bloom.  Bloom is the perfect soundtrack to the rain coast. This album is all about watching the world go by through rain soaked windows.  Infinite sadness provided by sweeping organs is destined to raise hairs.

3. Ketamines – Spaced Out. From the venerable Mammoth Cave Records, the first “full length” from the Ketamines is 28 minutes of fuzzed out rock and roll at its best.  There are some real gems here that sound like they were composed in the most spirited of garages.

2.Niki & the Dove – Instinct. The synth bands have arrived for spots one and two. From Sweden, Niki & the Dove have rewritten the way music is to be composed. Instinct is a complex romp of melody, harmony and synth excellence. I like to call it a brilliant protest of pop norms.

1. Soft Moon – Zeroes. Powerful, dark, hyperactive and down right frightening, this synth-punk affair should not be played alone in complete darkness. Actually, it really should and it works amazingly well to scare the geebies out of kids at Halloween.  The track featured has a most unique ending (or lack of one) and epitomizes the adrenaline soaked fever of the album.

Download the Mixtape.


10. Said The Whale – 2010

9.  Kid Koala – 2 Bit Blues

8. Roberta Bondar – Children

7. The Evaporators – Hate Being Late

6. J. Riley Hill – Alone

5. Apollo Ghosts – Landmark

4. Beach House – Myth

3. Ketamines – Teenage Rebellion

2.Niki & the Dove – Mother Protect

1. Soft Moon  – Want


Happy New Year

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Happy Feet – A Soul Uplifting Video

C2C – Happy Feat. Derek Martin (official video)

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Young Fathers – Tape One

Some excellent, socially aware hip hop from…Scotland?!? Probably not the first place on your mind when you think of a vibrant hip-hop culture, but this is a fantastic record. Check out my review at The Line of Best Fit.


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